About Us

When planning a wedding we get so excited about venues, flowers, music and the wedding DRESS (every girls dream), we often forget to include in our budget the expense of the Honeymoon (I know, isn’t this the best part!). That’s exactly what I did when I started planning our wedding in 2014! When it came down to thinking about the honeymoon, we weren’t sure about how we were going to pay for it. We have been blessed to have everything we need for our home and so we thought of asking for cash as a wedding gift in order to help pay for our honeymoon. It was then that we had the idea for a honeymoon gift registry.

A honeymoon is the very first holiday you will take as newly weds, and it forms the basis for the beginning of the rest of your life.

So let’s be honest, times are changing! It is no longer common practice to move out of home only once you are married. More and more people are moving in on their own before marriage, or even with their partner prior to making the BIG commitment. With this came the house warming’s, birthdays and Christmas’s where everyone so generously helped you make your house a home and therefore you have everything you need for your home. This is where we come in; we offer an alternative to the traditional gift registry of kettles and plates! We provide the opportunity for you to plan and book your dream honeymoon and then have your guests help to fund it as a wedding gift.

Why you ask?? Well because we all know that Aunty Mavis from the 19th century will think it’s a little bit rude when you ask for cash as a wedding gift, and some couples may also feel awkward to ask their guests for cash as it comes across as a bit of an impersonal gesture.

So why not have the best of both… You can have a gift registry that lists all your honeymoon dreams and your guests can make a contribution towards it. Experience is the ultimate gift that one can give… because memories are forever!